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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a planting process involving a slurry of seed, fertilizer, water, and mulch, and a big hose and pump to spray it with. The mix is sprayed on to areas where seeding is difficult or otherwise unsuccessful. The mulch aides in retaining moisture, and the water and fertilizer feed the seeds. This prevents erosion because the mulch creates a gradient for the hill to “grab on to”.


  • Large areas can be covered quickly
  • Effective for hillsides and slopes
  • Aides in erosion control
  • Fast results, high germination rates (3-4 weeks)
  • Cheaper than sod


  • A little more expensive than broadcast seeding

We offer hydroseeding services in Rhode Island, so if you know of a patch of dirt that needs a healthy dose of hydroseed, give us a call!

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