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Lawn Care Tips

There are a lot of people who have lawns, but oddly enough there aren’t nearly as many that know how to take care of them! Follow these tips and your lawn will be looking great.

Cut Dry

Always cut the grass when it’s dry. This prevents clumping in the mower blades and bag, and ensures a nice, even cut.

Mower Settings

Make sure all of the lawnmowers height adjustments are correct and match each other. If these settings aren’t in sync with each other the cut will be uneven. A nice cut should be about 3 inches in height.

Water Properly

Water deeply 2-3 times per week. Watering each day can create a shallow root system. The earlier in the day you water, the better. The grass will be cooked in the sun all day, so it helps to have some stored water in the soil to keep it cool.


Be sure to mow every 1-2 weeks to maintain a consistently healthy lawn.

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